How To Stop Sweating Under My Armpits?

Sure, it’s a bit gross. But if you sweat from your armpits, you might be the only one who notices! Sweating from under your arms can make you look sweaty. And this is normal for some people. So how do we stop sweating armpit sweat? There are several ways to prevent excessive amounts of sweat in your underarm area:

1) Use deodorant (or antiperspirant). Antiperspirants and deodorants work by reducing or eliminating body odor that would otherwise cause other smells on our skin to come through. Deodorants help reduce wetness around the collarbone and sideburns areas as well as other places like wrists, ankles, etc… The two most popular types of deodorants are Sticking Plasters (the small round stick type), which act more quickly than roll-on types; or Roll On/Spray Types which require using an applicator so they can last longer before needing replacement. If you know someone who sweats excessively even after applying deodorant daily then ask them about their diet – especially anything with caffeine – because chronic dehydration may be causing body odor problems… Another tip is to use fragrance free products whenever possible because fragrances contain different chemicals that may contribute to excess perspiration among others things… If necessary try powdering anti-perspirant into these areas also but never powder antiperspirant directly onto any open wounds…For natural alternatives see below…2

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