How To Stop Sweating Under Armpits?

If you are sweating under your armpits or around the sides of your neck, then what is wrong? It may be that you have just had some sort of skin irritation. Or it could be a skin infection. And there are many possible causes of sweating at this location on the body. Read on to find out more about how to stop sweating under arms…

Sweaty armpits can give off an unpleasant odour – and this can make people think that something is wrong with them! If you sweat in response to heat or exercise (or both) then there’s probably nothing seriously amiss – but if it becomes excessive, persistent and/or smells bad then there could well be cause for concern. With almost all types of sweat glands located in the axillary region though, most people will need no clinical help whatsoever when they start having sweaty underarm problems . But some people do suffer from hyperhidrosis , which means excess perspiring due to abnormal activity by their sweat glands . Causes of hyperhidrosis include: Genetics : Some rare inherited disorders affecting gland function (called pituitary-gland dysfunction) mean that too much or too little ‘sweating’ occurs throughout life – especially after puberty; since controlling one’s own hygiene levels usually takes place later than growing up , young adults often get away with excessive sweating because nobody seems any wiser until later years! A few sufferers even develop large amounts of dry flaky patches in areas where they don’t normally

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