How To Stop Sweating Through Shirts?

This is a very good question, and one that I got a number of times when I first started doing this. What you’re trying to do in the beginning is just get your body used to sweating through shirts. It takes time for your body to adjust, but if you keep exercising and eating right it will eventually happen. But there are also ways you can help along the way by wearing moisture wicking shirts or long johns under your extra heavy tops during workouts or even on cooler days outside where they won’t be as important. If all else fails, use a deodorant stick like Secret Antiperspirant Stick which will absorb sweat instead of putting off more heat from your skin!

How much weight should I expect to lose over time? How many pounds per week?

You’ll start seeing some changes after about two weeks (the first 2-3 weigh-ins) but if it doesn’t come off at first then try cutting out an hour or so on each side of what you normally eat on those days; maybe take half an hour less sleep; limit yourself to 1 cup of coffee per day…you get the idea!! The way my JourneyToRescue worked was basically like this: Week 1 – run 10 miles at 7mph with ease; Week 2 – walk 3 miles easy; Week 3 – 5 mile jog at 8 mph without breaking stride; Week 4 – 20 minute brisk walk followed by 30 minutes

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