How To Stop Sweating Through Clothes?

Sweating through your clothes is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also embarrassing. Here are six easy-to-do tips to make you stop sweating through your clothes! 1. Have the right fit When choosing clothing that fits well, look for pants or shorts that are at least one inch larger than normal. Your body will get used to the extra fabric and won’t be able to sweat through them as much. 2. Keep cool if you’re walking If you’re out in a warm environment for an extended period of time or on a hot day while doing sports like running, hiking, biking or playing golf, try wearing some lightweight gear under your regular shirt so that it can absorb some of the heat before transferring it back to your skin… Read More » Periods Sweating Through Clothes | wikiHow How To Stop Sweating Through Clothes? wikiHow describes how to stop sweating through clothes: A common problem with summertime is when people start smelling bad after they workout because they tend not wash their hair and armpits as often as usual because their bodies cannot handle such harsh weather conditions…. Read More »

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