How To Stop Sweating So Much Under Arms?

I have been having a problem with excessive underarm sweat lately and I am looking for ways to stop it as its quite embarrassing.

My skin is normal – not dry, not oily etc but I tend to perspire more than usual when doing exercise (especially running) or if overheated in hot weather. It is particularly bad on the left side of my chest and there are two main areas that seem to be affected: firstly between my armpit and breast bone (around where your bra would sit), this tends towards pale pink occasionally becoming red; secondly, around the bottom of my breastbone, this has become more angry/bright red recently.

I’ve looked at lots of web sites about sweating problems such as rosacea which makes me think that it’s just caused by some sort of hormonal issue, but nothing seems to help! Has anyone else found any good advice?

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