How To Stop Sweating So Much On Face?

Hello! I have read all of your questions so far, and here is mine. I am 37 years old. About a year ago, I had to go through major gastrointestinal surgery due to ulcerative colitis. This lasted for almost 6 months, during which time my diet was restricted severely (no cooking at all). As soon as the medications wore off after the surgery, everything went back to normal except that I sweat more than usual on my face/forehead/neck area!! Nowadays it’s very embarrassing because other people can see me sweating up a storm whenever they are around me – especially in public places like shopping malls or restaurants etc… Is there any way you could please help me? What do you suggest I do about this problem? Should I ask my doctor for some medication? Which one would be best suited for what condition??? Thank You!

I started asking myself these same questions when i first discovered that i sweat more now then before but dont really know why bcs its not hot by any means yet im still aware of it . Im 25 yrs old an iv never been overweight just taller and thicker built than most guys but recently ive noticed that perioral dryness and peeling skin and intense jaw cracking and gurgling sounds isnt exactly normal for someone my size ! Iv seen two dermatologists who say thats not abnormal u might want to ask ur doc bout Accutane if u think its helping with ur acne bcuz accutane

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