How To Stop Sweating So Bad?

I am sweating like crazy, especially on my back. It can make me feel dizzy at times, and it has caused us to lose some of our customers (it is bad enough for them; they don’t need to see your sweat). I know this problem all too well — it makes sense that someone else who sweats might be able to offer you a few solutions. The first thing we did was stop using Clay-Cleanse products altogether because the clay made me sweat so much more after I started taking it. We changed our diet, but nothing seemed to really help until one day he came home from work and told me about a book called “Sweat: A Natural Way To Fight Sweating.” He said that reading the chapter on sweating helped him tremendously with his own excessive sweating problems. “It’s called ‘The Cure For Excessive Sweating’ by Dr. Bill Eckhardt,” he said excitedly as he handed the book over to me!

In case you have never heard of Dr. Bill Eckhardt before, here is how he describes himself: “Dr. William Raughler Eckhardt DDS FAAAAI graduated from Wisc.-Milwaukee Dental School in 1963… In 1980 I received my Doctorate degree from Marquette University Medical School where i obtained an MSc in Anatomy & Physiology…”

When we bought that particular book (“Sweat”) three months ago, we were amazed at what a huge effect just reading

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