How To Stop Sweating Pits?

I have a rash on my hands and it is driving me crazy! What can I do?\015\012There are various causes of this. The most common one is that the back of your hand has been scratched by something, such as a spoon or fork. Another cause could be that you have an allergy to some substance in the air, such as pollen or dust mites. There may also be another more serious reason for these rashes – there may be a problem with one of your blood vessels causing itchy red patches all over your body. If you think this might be so then go to see your doctor straight away and they will try to diagnose what is making you itch so much. …

When i’m using my laptop on battery power (or when its plugged into AC), I hear strange sounds everyday like tapping or keyboard clicking noises from inside the machine which start out quiet and get louder after about 5-20 minutes. It’s annoying but I can live with it since I don’t use my laptop while its plugged into AC; only when on battery power….Is there anyway to stop/silence these sounds?? Thanks!!…This question came up last month but was make alot clearer now..

If no sound comes from speakers when on battery power, without external attached devices (like headphones) then yes there should not be any sound coming from internal components; rather than speaker drivers being noisy itself,… … HP Pavilion dv9000z Notebook If

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