How To Stop Sweating On Lexapro?

I have used oral hygeine products with no relief from my sweat. Can anyone help? I am at a loss as to what else to do.

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Weight gain during pregnancy is not unheard of but it is fairly uncommon with women who are otherwise healthy and pregnant with a normal birth weight baby. If you have been gaining more than 4-5 pounds per week then this may be an indication that your body is storing extra fat as pregnancy progresses (diabetes, high blood pressure or other health problems can also cause excessive weight gain) This usually happens after the first trimester but there’s some debate about how common it is. There’s only one cure: “Just stop eating! Your fertility will return like magic.” Never mind the fact that you’re already consuming enough food and water to sustain life — although we’d suggest taking her advice seriously; if she eats less suddenly she’ll probably lose those extra pounds right away… The next time you see Diets That Work : ’30 Day Weight Loss Challenge’ , tell us about it ! This looks great! I wish our community was set up so that people could respond right here instead of having to go here . What he doesn’t mention though, which makes me think maybe this isn’t such a good idea considering all things considered, is the effect strenuous exercise

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