How To Stop Sweating On Armpits?

Answered by: Dr Vasant Lad MD | President, Ladder of Success Medical & Dental Clinic (LAS) New Delhi

Q. I have been suffering from sweaty armpits for the past few months and it makes me feel uncomfortable to wear a T shirt or a dress in front of people with whom I am having a conversation. Is there any way to stop sweating on my underarms? What should I do?

A. Sweaty armpits are common among men and women most especially when they get hot weather or if their work involves physical activity. It is also more prevalent among people who sweat easily even without exerting themselves mentally or physically such as those who suffer from stress naturally, practice meditation etc. Therefore, our body has developed ways to deal with this problem which includes keeping away these secretions from getting out through sweating so that we can continue living peacefully in society without being embarrassed by others about sweating excessively while talking to them in person but mainly at an unconscious level because it cannot be helped otherwise unless you completely eliminate your anxiety about this issue then no one will know that you have ever had these problems..taking anti-depressants may help relieve anxiety which would affect your mood regulation system…please see links below…


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