How To Stop Sweating In Your Sleep?

How to stop sweating in your sleep? When you’re trying to fall asleep, do you sweat excessively? If so, don’t worry—chances are that what you’ve heard about this topic is completely wrong.

The reason why it feels like your body is soaked with water while you sleep may be because of three factors:

1) You have a lot of activity during the day that puts stress on your adrenal glands, which release cortisol into the blood. The hormone cortisol makes us feel sleepy at night by increasing our need for sleep. The problem is that too much cortisol can cause diabetes or other health problems if it isn’t balanced correctly by other hormones in the body. It also causes inflammation throughout the body and increases fluid retention (the stuff we sweat out). Some people who wake up feeling very thirsty may be experiencing over-cortisol syndrome after taking birth control pills or pregnancy tests because their bodies are used to having major fluctuations in hormone levels caused by these products! If this sounds familiar, try cutting back on caffeine intake or switching to another hormonal birth control option such as an intrauterine device (IUD).

2) Fluid buildup due to frequent urination during daytime activities can trigger excessive nighttime urination as well—which only encourages more fluid retention overnight when there should already be enough stored away from all those daily hydration habits. And since almost 90 percent of our total urine volume occurs at night anyway

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