How To Stop Sweating In Humid Weather?

Dr. Page: I’m not aware of any studies that show which type of anti-perspirant is better for the humid climate—whether it works or whether there are other considerations, such as how long you have to apply it or what kind of residue. It sounds like a pretty good idea though!

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How Can You Tell If an Antiperspirant Is Working?

Does your antiperspirant work? Even if you don’t sweat much because you’re under a lot of stress at work, do you still need to use one? Dr. Page’s advice: “If you stop perspiring during exercise but continue sweating in non-stressful situations (when using public transportation for example), then simple observation should tell the tale.” In other words, if there’s no difference between sweaty and non-sweaty conditions with no time spent applying deodorants before going into those workouts, then maybe it doesn’t matter too much whether or not they’re working after all. So try out lots of different types and see which ones seem best suited for your particular body chemistry and lifestyle needs—and stick with them religiously!

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Since we know that some antiperspirants can be drying on sensitive skin areas (like our hands), I also suggest trying out these tips from WebMD on Dealing With Dry Skin Issues From Antiperspirants:

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