How To Stop Sweating Head?

Answer: Sweat can be controlled by a combination of exercise, drugs and diet. Exercise is the best way to get rid of head sweats caused by too much salt in the body or due to hormonal changes. Maintain proper weight for your height; eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables along with whole grains; cut down on sugary drinks; avoid hard work during hot weather (if possible); take regular saunas or steam baths which help sweat out toxins from the body through sweating; use an antiperspirant deodorant if needed but make sure you don’t overuse it because this could lead to serious health problems like breast cancer, prostate cancer etc.; apply adequate amount of sunscreen when going outdoors in summers so that you don’t burn yourself up while sweating excessively.
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How Can I Reduce My Body Weight Even If I Don’t Want To Lose Pounds?

Answer: It’s not necessary that one should lose pounds in order to loose fat percentage also known as BMI which stands for Body Mass Index. But losing weight will certainly give you a healthier lifestyle with fewer risks associated with obesity.<

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