How To Stop Sweating Feet And Hands?

I have severe hand and foot sweating. I’ve tried to use cool gel for my feet, but it doesn’t work – it only helps the top of my feet. How can I control this? Thanks!

Answer: Sweat glands are located in the palm area of both hands and soles of the feet. Some people sweat more than others, especially when they exercise or get overheated. Your doctor may recommend that you contact a dermatologist if your condition is not improving with over-the-counter treatments such as antiperspirants or Coolsculpting FDA approved procedure to permanently eliminate excessive underarm sweating by removing fat cells through radiofrequency energy delivery while leaving skin intact 1 . While this is usually covered by insurance, please consult your physician prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedures at home 2 . 1 Estee Lauder Clinical Trial Report 3 Oct 2012 “Sculptra┬« Fat Removal Procedure” (accessed May 26, 2016). 2 MedCosmetics Online Formulary (accessed June 6 ,2016) 3 The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (accessed May 26 ,2016) 4 NICE Guideline CG92 Extractive Surgery; Radio

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