How To Stop Sweating Down There?

Do you need to stop sweating down there? Because it is embarrassing and can be humiliating. If I keep this up, my underwear will be soaked. Fortunately the underwears were not ruined, but I am curious as to why they never stopped perspiring on their own accord even though we had been wearing them for about a week. The Chinese netizens suggested that it might have something to do with our body temperature or some kind of bacteria issue in the underwear (I don’t think so). They gave me some tips:

For those who sweat more than others, you should wear better quality underwear; those made from natural fibers such as cotton; those which are breathable and light-weighted; spandex is known to absorb moisture better! For men who sweat heavily after taking a shower – especially if he has just shaved his pubic hair – please try using anti-perspiration lotion before going to sleep! That will prevent your body from releasing too much moisture into your undergarments at night time… And aside from all these things, one female commenter said “it only happens when you are mentally stressed out” which could explain why many girls experience this problem during exams or job interviews… Or maybe she was referring to male users?!

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