How To Stop Sweating Between Thighs?

hi guys…tried the lukewarm water trick and it worked for a while, but now i can feel my sweat running between my thighs so i cant walk comfortably in them anymore. do you know of any products or things that stop this? thanks.

I need some help with this problem too 🙁

I’ve got the same problem and I would like to get rid of it as well! Its really annoying when we go on walks in our neighborhood because I always have to change into different clothes every time we go there just because of my sweaty legs after walking around in shorts all day!! 😛 This is so embarrassing when people ask me about why I’m changing all the time haha!!! Im 15 years old and im not fat at all its just that sometimes im so hot especially when its hot outside! Does anyone know how to get rid of sweating between your thighs? Or does anyone else have this problem? And if you do how did u solve urself from sweating under my armpits?? Please tell me pls

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