How To Stop Sweating Between My Legs?

My name is Jenny and I am 24 years old. I have always had a problem with sweating between my legs since I was fourteen (I am now twenty-four). The only time when it doesn’t happen is when I’m asleep or in the shower; but even then, if my skin is wet it sweats again. So the thing about this problem is that there’s no way to stop it permanently because you can’t control your body like that!

It started off as small sweat marks which lasted for a few days, and after months of doing nothing to try and cope with this issue, they soon got bigger and by the end of last year they were getting really bad. One night around half past midnight one of them appeared on my right butt cheek, which wouldn’t go away until morning. This just happened on its own so there wasn’t anything unusual or weird happening at all – just suddenly appearing very suddenly on me while trying to sleep!

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