How To Stop Sweating All The Time?

how to get rid of excessive sweating? how to stop hyperhidrosis? how to stop sweaty hands and feet?

hyperhidrosis is a chronic disease that causes excessive sweating. It affects 1% of the population. The symptoms can be very embarrassing, making people feel self-conscious about their body odor. And it leads them in many other ways; they develop social anxiety, loss of confidence, sleep disorders … But this problem can be cured with natural remedies. Actually there are not much scientific evidence on which method works best for hyperhidrosis because this condition has no cure yet (at least not in clinical studies). For now we know that some patients who tried homeopathy found good results by using hydrotherapy treatments like water cures or hydrothermal baths (like these ones). Many people around the world use wollwool socks for treating hyperhidrosis – but you don’t need expensive wool socks! You just need a pair made from 100% cotton yarn or any other type of fabric material that is breathable and comfortable against your skin. So you will have no problems with keeping it up all day long during your treatment sessions if you choose cotton fabrics instead of thicker synthetics materials such as cottons etc.. In fact, after one month treatment most clients noticed significant improvement although their symptoms had been present for years so chances are high that simply wearing a pair of wollwool socks helped bring down their excessive sweat levels considerably… Hyperhydrosis seems to be triggered when the

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