How To Stop Sweating All Over Your Body?

Question: Why do I sweat so much?

Answer: If your sweat is salty, it’s called “hypotonic sweating.” This type of sweating occurs when you produce too little salt in your body, and this can lead to excessive sweating. When the excess sodium builds up in your blood, the kidneys are forced to release more concentrated urine with less water content, which leads to excessive perspiration. Hypotonic (or low-salt) sweating usually begins during adolescence or early adulthood and may last for many years before it disappears entirely. It may recur even after you stop taking diuretics or antidiarrheals that cause fluid retention. Your doctor will want to know whether there are signs of dehydration; for example, frequent urination (polyuria), weight loss despite an increased appetite (anorexia nervosa), breathlessness on exertion (breathless heat stroke), sunken facial appearance (dramatic weight loss). These symptoms can indicate that you have hyponatremia—a fatal imbalance between the level of antidiuretic hormone secreted by your pituitary gland and its ability to decrease urine production from a lack of water intake—which could be due to a shortage of fluids as well as a wide range of other problems. There is no cure for hypotonic-sweating syndrome but medications used alone or together might improve symptoms by increasing salt concentration in the blood without causing hypernatremia—

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