How To Stop Social Anxiety Sweating?

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Post 57 I am 25 years old with severe social anxiety. It started when i was about 13 and is still very bad today. I hardly went out of the house in my early teens because of it; the thought of having to go somewhere or meet someone terrified me (even with friends). A few months ago i finally found a therapist who specializes in helping with Social Anxiety Disorder – he really helped me get over some major fears that had been holding me back for so long – but now, just before Christmas, things got worse again! The worst part about all this is that my family thinks im nuts when i tell them how bad it’s getting! They say “you’re just being dramatic” etc… But they don’t understand what its like to feel so alone in one’s own head…I hate not being able to do things with them anymore because of how anxious they make me feel.. They think its silly haha.. Anyway thanks for everyone’s advice on dealing with social anxiety!!! I wish you all nothing but good wishes!! view entire post

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