How To Stop Skylights From Sweating?

I have a home with many skylights. They are all very old and leak from the bottom, not from the top. I thought putting weather stripping around them would help, but it did nothing to stop sweating of either ceiling or roof. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Mike in Portland


Stopping Excessive Skylight Leakage/Sweat on Ceiling Or Roof

A friend told me about a product called “duct seal”. It is used for reducing duct leakage so I think it might help your situation as well. You can look up this type of commercial product at an automotive store too…it’s made specifically for sealing ducts which you come across when working with cars under hoods etc…it works great! Just take care not to get any into the house while installing because they leave a petroleum scent that will linger through out if you don’t clean properly after installation. Good luck….hope its something that will work for you!! (07/30/2006)

By Lisa

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