How To Stop Severe Sweating?

I read that it is caused by an excess of salt in the blood. Well, I’ve always had very high blood pressure. Since last summer, my BP has been around 140/90 (male). It was 125/75 when I started taking Niaspan with meals and tonic water at bedtime. But now, since I stopped taking Niaspan for a few weeks to see if it would help control my daily hot flashes from menopause , my BP is back up to 148/88 — which is about where it was pre-flushing! The doctor said he’d call me if things got worse so we could talk again but so far they haven’t gotten any worse…thank goodness!

Anyway…one other suggestion–what’s the deal with salicylic acid? My face does seem “sweatier,” just a bit today, even though there’s no heat or humidity around here right now. So what could be going on? Reply Delete

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