How To Stop Really Bad Armpit Sweating?

You can try to take an antiperspirant or deodorant to stop the sweat before it starts, but if you’re already feeling uncomfortable by your armpits, following these steps might help.

1. Launder Your Underwear Often: This is one of the best ways to prevent body odor and sweaty pits in general because when your undergarments are clean, they will absorb moisture that could be causing sweat. If you don’t wash your underwear often enough (like three times a week), then your undergarments won’t be able to get rid of excess perspiration easily and this can lead to more stinky pits!

2. Wear Longer Shirts: Even though wearing longer shirts isn’t going to change how much you sweat while working out or while being active at home, it is going to help with smell. When you wear long-sleeved shirts for exercise sessions or even just everyday activities like walking from class back home during finals week, the extra layer on top helps keep excess odors from getting into other clothing items or staying on your skin longer. It also makes it so that any smells from sweating aren’t trapped inside clothes until they get wet which helps them dissipate easier over time instead of lingering around too long!

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