How To Stop Palm And Feet Sweating?

I’ve been suffering from hyperhidrosis (the condition of excessive sweating, particularly under the arms and on my hands) for about 2 years now. I’m a guy who sweats like a pig in the heat and it’s getting worse, not better.

I did some research and found that there is an enzyme called alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (αMSH), which plays a role in causing us to sweat more when we exercise… so I got myself tested at the local blood bank to see if this was true or just something they were saying because they didn’t know what else to say. Turns out my levels are pretty high:

2380pg/mL – normal range: 100-300 pg/mL

That means I have too much alpha MSH! Hooray? Well no, actually, since it also causes many other problems such as allergies and asthma and promotes cancer. So how do I get rid of this excess αMSH? No medications worked long term for me except for creams containing zinc oxide or another anti-septic ingredient called triclosan with phenoxyethanol which made me even more sensitive to sunlight than before… eventually giving me burns all over my body including sunburns on most parts of the face that were never exposed before! It was horrible.. The only thing that helped is taking naps during winter time with “winter blankets” underneath your clothes but by then you’re useless since

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