How To Stop Nervous Sweating?

When you first feel the urge to sweat in response to stress or anxiety, it can be quite disconcerting. Your body is getting ready for action and if you don’t do anything about it (and sometimes even when you do) then your clothes will get damp (and maybe a little wet). This happens because of the increased blood flow that causes an increase in heat within the body. You may notice this happening almost immediately after finishing exercising or when standing around chatting with friends. If this sounds like you – see what else I have written on how to stop nervous sweating here!

How long does nervous sweating last?

Nervous sweating usually lasts between 5-15 minutes before stopping again. Only occasionally will it persist beyond 30 minutes though, so if this is something that worries you then try some different things until they work just right for your specific situation – at least give them 90 days before deciding they’re rubbish!

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