How To Stop Nervous Sweating Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety is the fear of being judged by others.

This anxiety manifests itself in different ways, but most people are afraid that they will be criticized or rejected because of their behavior or appearance. As a result, they try to minimize this fear through excessive self-control and perfectionism. This makes them even more anxious because it leads them to lose control over themselves, which only increases the level of stress experienced at social situations. Many individuals who suffer from social anxiety find it difficult or impossible to make eye contact with other people during conversations due to extreme shyness and/or embarrassment regarding what they might say next (in turn causing their voice quality to become very low). These individuals also tend not interact with strangers without first getting permission from someone else – generally either a friend or relative – since these interactions can lead directly back into conversation about oneself and one’s weaknesses as well as fears for how others may perceive you socially (i.e., “How do I look?”) The inability to go out on dates alone often causes such clients great distress since the issues surrounding dating typically revolve around making small talk about yourself while trying desperately not to appear awkward too overtly nervous during phone calls, etc.. Typically such clients have little knowledge on how best approach dating prospects so that their nervous behaviors don’t cause an immediate rejection; nor do they know specifically what type of questions should be asked at date time (the topics discussed above). This lackadaisical approach

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