How To Stop Nervous Sweating Armpits?

I have sweaty armpits, especially in the summer. I’ve tried many different products but nothing seems to help me. Can anyone tell me how to stop it? Thanks


How To Stop Sweating Underarms? Rated 4 out of 5 stars by darcyd on July 21, 2012 I have sweaty underarm problem and i really don’t know how can i stop this.Please help so that i can keep my body clean from sweat..Thanks for your time…(Yahoo Answers) by Anonymous on August 2, 2012 4 answers Last reply September 28, 2011 Best answer August 2, 2012 1 answer Last reply August 16, 2009 Add your own question Submit picture Show more unanswered questions Show fewer unanswered questions Ask a question …Ask a question Sticky: How do you get rid of (sweaty) underarms?? There are several basic things that will control sweating armpits:-Keep yourself cool during hot weather-Avoid stress-Eat healthy food like fruits and veggies-Dietary supplements -Special deodorant-Wear cotton T shirts/pajamas daily -Use anti perspirant (anti perspiration).Treatment is regular exercise & losing weight if needed.-Apply coconut oil or olive oil massage around the armpit twice per day without clothes.-Regular use of antimicrobial soap may also be useful….Hope this helps guys! :)Sticky Sticky Sticky Sticky Sticky Sticky Sticky You

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