How To Stop Myself From Sweating So Much?

I am a guy and I get extremely nervous at social gatherings. I get very sweaty, especially in the summer months. It’s embarrassing for me because it makes my clothes wet or stains them with sweat marks. What can I do to stop this from happening? Is there any special medication that is used to help control sweating? Also, how can I train myself not to sweat so much when it gets really hot outside?

Answer: Sweating is a normal function of your body which helps cool you down when your body temperature rises above 98° F (37° C). When you are cold, the moisture in your skin evaporates; however, if you are chronically overheated or dehydrated then this process cannot keep up and will slow down dramatically. This slows down circulation throughout all your tissues – including your brain – thus lowering their efficiency in performing vital functions like regulating body temperature and blood flow (which maintains optimum oxygen supply for cells). For example, excessive perspiration in our hands may cause us to become clumsy by causing an increased risk of slips in writing or typing on touch-screen keyboards! Chronic hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating within the palms, soles of feet & underarms. The primary symptom involves excessive & uncontrollable sweating particularly during times of stress such as infections/illness/anxiety/severe physical exertion etc., but also occurring without obvious triggers e.g., uncomfortable heat or anxiety etc.. Excessive sweating occurs most often between arms & thighs over both

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