How To Stop My Hands And Feet From Sweating?

I used to be able control my hands and feet sweating, but now I can’t. It comes out before I even know its there. How do I stop this?

Best Answer: Sweating is normal, but excessive sweating can signal a problem with the immune system or other internal issue. With your symptoms you could be having an autoimmune reaction to something in your diet, personal hygiene habits (like not washing your hands often enough), stress levels and/or bacteria on the skin. There are dozens of factors that cause one person to sweat more than another so we really don’t recommend looking at what causes it — just treat yourself for each factor as needed – start by trying natural remedies like food therapy and homeopathy, getting regular exercise and mindfulness training which will help manage stress levels. If those things aren’t working then look into some type of allergy testing such as Food Allergy Test Kit from Health Diagnostic Labs or IgE blood test from LifeScan Medical Laboratory that would help determine if you need to take medications or reduce exposure (such as pollen allergies). Best wishes! Mark Goulston MD RD CPT NCD DABP FACN | Holistic Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center Answering Service: 888-811-0338 discuss this answer

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