How To Stop My Feet From Sweating?

…the answer to the sticky-sweat problem is all in your head.

Why can’t I stop sweating?

If you think you sweat too much, it may be because you feel like you do. But there are many reasons why we sweat: hot weather; exercise; anxiety; stress; and medications such as antidepressants or birth control pills (progesterone). Some people have an excessive amount of hormones called antiperspirants that cause them to sweat more than usual and cause a rash on their armpits (this is not a good choice for those who wear underwire bras). And finally, some people simply don’t know how to relax when they get home from work so they experience skin friction due to friction between skin and clothing fibers over areas where perspiration has soaked. This happens more often at night than during the day since most people sleep with clothing on—especially boxers!

The first thing I need to know about stopping my feet from sweating is … what causes my feet to sweat?

Sweating occurs when water evaporates out of tiny pores located on our epidermal cells, which line our bodies and help protect us against bacteria and viruses by producing an oily protective layer around the body. Our bodies regulate this process through something called sympathetic nervous system activity or “stress response behavior” which means that whenever we perceive a situation as threatening or stressful, one of two things happens: perceived danger

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