How To Stop My Face From Sweating?

I am 25 years old I have good skin tone, small amount of acne scars on my cheeks and forehead (about 1-2), but the real problem is that I sweat a lot. My face gets really hot when it’s cold outside or during an exercise in summer! It’s not oily like most people but still, sweaty. I’ve tried everything to control this sweating – drinking water more often, using deodorant (Alba Botanica) and other expensive products from Neutrogena and Clinique etc. But nothing helps except taking medications for various diseases such as hyperhidrosis or hypothyroidism: Ditropan XL200 & Spironolactone 50 mg daily (when needed). What do you think? Should I buy antiperspirants/deodorants with those ingredients? How much product should be put on my armpits each time? And how often should i apply them if at all possible?? Please help me… Answer By drjacksonginh | Homeopathic Medicine Expert | 02-June-2011 Dehydration can make your sweating worse by lowering your overall body temperature.

Some products may contain ingredients that sensitise the skin to sweat glands so, again, they will cause increased perspiration too:

If you don’t grieve well then avoid antihistamine medication as they may prevent normal sleep patterns which will also slow down elimination of toxins through the kidneys thereby exacerbating any existing condition such

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