How To Stop My Crotch From Sweating?

If you sweat a lot, you should try changing your underwear. More than half the people who use deodorants have perspiration issues and need to buy new ones every month because their old one has gotten contaminated with bacteria from fecal matter. When I was a kid in high school, my friends would laugh at me when I didn’t change my underpants during PE class or before going swimming. We just thought it was funny that the guy who wore the same undies for two days straight had so much trouble keeping them clean. But what they didn’t realize is that there’s an obvious connection between being stinky and being sweaty—your body is producing more sweat when something smells bad, which makes you even stinkier! So I always changed my undies after gym classes in order to prevent further odors from developing on them. Nowadays this advice doesn’t hold true anymore because many companies make synthetic fibers that don’t smell like anything except themselves—but if you’re still having problems with wetness in certain areas of your crotch, then find yourself a brand of antiperspirant designed specifically for women (such as Dove). In addition, ask your doctor about using anti-perspirants over longer periods of time due to their potential negative side effects such as skin irritation or dryness [source: Mayo Clinic].

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