How To Stop My Armpits From Sweating?

I have been sweating for about six months now. I sweat under my arms, and it bothers me so much to smell like a man that I go crazy. There are also hot spots on my armpits where the sweat is getting worse. It’s embarrassing when people say you smell bad all over! The only thing that seems to work at all is deodorant , but then if that doesn’t work what do i use to stop the sweating??

Answer: Deodorants are designed specifically not to absorb perspiration through their active ingredients. This means they’re STILL going to absorb some amount of moisture from your skin – just less than with antiperspirants (which actually reduce transepidermal water loss). Additionally, deodorants typically contain alcohol which dries even more quickly than other products; none of these factors will make any significant dent in your level of perspiration or decrease its odor. You can be pretty certain this won’t solve your problem either way….unless maybe you’re allergic to one of the ingredients?

The best solution would be finding something hypoallergenic (such as an unscented lotion), using it consistently and gradually increasing application frequency until you feel comfortable doing so, or simply improving diet/lifestyle habits such as drinking enough water, taking extra vitamins C & E (& possibly B6) etc.

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