How To Stop Makeup From Sweating Off?

Having an oily skin type, I’ve tried every way to try and prevent my makeup (and face) from sweating off. I can say that this topcoat does help in preventing the sweat but it doesn’t work 100%. It also depends on how much you apply. So here are some tips: 1. Apply a bit of product at night before bedtime 2. The powder needs to be applied all over your face 3. When applying make sure there is enough product 4. If its too little, repeat step three 5. Don’t forget to press your eyeshadow 6. Finally finish up with setting spray or just let dry naturally 7.. My recommendation would be not planning out when you will go out for the day 8.. Use the right brush 9.. Make sure you use hot water when washing 10… Set it with matte top coat 11…. Enjoy!

How do I remove blackheads?

Remove your eye makeup before taking shower so that it won’t irritate or harm them….showering should take about 15-20 minutes…when finished rinse well…remove any remaining cleanser by patting dry…soap should not be soapy at all…..dry gently using tissue paper…use cotton wool balls to get into small areas… not scrub, this may cause redness/ irritation……rinse well again…….you can use baby wipes for removing large amounts of dirt/ grime….just don’t get close enough

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