How To Stop Itching When Sweating?

by lewis j.

(dundee, scotland)

I am a male and I have been plagued with itching for the last 8 years. My family has noticed my face and back in particular is covered in small red patches of skin where I itch most often.The spots usually appear after working out or sweating heavily (unless you are on steroids). So basically when my body gets hot then itchy, which it will every time that happens even if i drink loads of water!Anyways , what can I do to stop this?It’s like I’m allergic to myself at times . Please help me !!!Hi Lewis…thank you for your question…you may want to read about Dehydroepiandrosterone – DHEA & Adrenal Fatigue by Dr Baumann online here: ask him questions there too just click on his name from the top left hand menu bar under “Ask The Doctor” start typing your question into the text box below him….it takes just a minute or two …good luck!

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