How To Stop Head Sweating Home Remedies?

What can I do to help my child with head sweating?

There are several things you can try. If the scalp is dry, apply petroleum jelly or mineral oil to it. It will soak up excess moisture and act as a barrier against further sweating on the scalp. Another way of doing this is by applying vaseline directly into your child’s hairline. Vaseline helps prevent skin irritation and itching which could drive your child insane (and possibly become violent). You may also consider using aloe vera gel for this purpose; however, you should only use it after consulting an expert first, especially if you have sensitive skin like me! Aloe vera gel might be used in place of petroleum jelly or mineral oil (or any other substance – don’t take risks)! To avoid drying out your kid’s hair completely, make sure not to wash them too often; you should alternate between shampooing and conditioning their hair about once every week-two weeks without fail so that they won’t develop intensive dandruffs! Also avoid going overboard when putting lotion onto them because it might create a sticky feeling on their scalps which would lead to itching again! Try focusing more on moisturizing their bodies instead!

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