How To Stop Hands And Feet From Sweating?

First, take a look at your skin. If you’re having problems with sweaty hands and feet it could be that your pores in these areas are clogged. This can be due to using harsh soaps and lotions on the skin, which strips away its natural oils; or over-tightening shoes causing sweat glands to remain active despite the absence of sweating after exercise.

Panthenol, an ingredient found in many creams for dry skin such as Cetaphil, is what keeps our fingerprints from smudging (it also helps prevent wrinkles) but if you lack panthenol then we recommend you pick up Extra Virgin Olive Oil that works wonders here! Apply a small amount of this oil to damp hands or feet twice daily and watch them become less noticeable: yet another reason why olive oil is good for us!

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