How To Stop From Sweating Under Your Armpits?

Q: I’ve just started working out and it seems that I sweat more than my friends in the gym. Is this normal?

A: Sweat is a perfectly natural bodily function, but excessive sweating can be an issue for some people when they start exercising or changing their diet. It’s important to remember that all things in moderation are okay — even if you’re extremely active, you don’t want to overdo it! Remember, heat is your body’s way of cooling itself down when there isn’t enough blood flow through your extremities (hands/feet). So try to keep cool by drinking water or other fluids throughout the day, wearing loose fitting clothes made of light fabrics like cotton and avoiding caffeine drinks late at night before bedtime. Also make sure you get adequate sleep every night; less sleep may increase your overall stress level which could cause excess sweating (source). Finally, although “sweating-it-out” during exercise is totally fine most days, make sure not to exert yourself too much on very hot days. Just relax with plenty of water and take breaks whenever possible!

‚Äč Q: How do I stop from getting rashes under my arms?

A: When skin gets irritated due to friction against clothing tags while wearing tight fitting bras without any padding between them and our skin underneath them we call these irritations ‘rash’ – commonly called bra rash’. However some women develop this kind of irritation after applying scented cosmetics or perfumes

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