How To Stop Feminine Sweating?

How to stop feminine sweating? How do I make my sweat smell bad and put off males. Sweat is something that comes out of all humans (except for some people like anorexic females) however there are ways you can control it, below we will outline what works best for many women. Some things work better than others but these should at least be tried if nothing else helps:

1- Stop drinking excessive amounts of water or soda drinks. These have a lot of artificial sweeteners which cause the body to excrete more waste in your sweat, this may go away over time but most likely not until you reduce your intake significantly. Also ask yourself why you drink so much water/soda when its just going straight through your system they are filling up on expensive sodas/water!

2- Don’t eat too close before bedtime – This causes the body to work harder during sleep making them want to ‘flush’ their systems by sweating more often leading them down the path towards being sweaty all day long instead of only twice per week as they would naturally..

3- Take vitamin B complex supplements – this is especially useful if starting menstruation, during or after menopause or pregnancy because it boosts our immune systems allowing us to fight off any infections caused by bacteria in our bodies causing excess sweat production during times when we aren’t feeling well…and with women who suffer from sweats due to hormonal changes during periods etc., supplements are always advised !

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