How To Stop Feet Sweating In Work Boots?

I have done everything to try and stop my feet sweating in my work boots, but nothing has worked. I used antiperspirant before if that helps, but it does seem to be working a little bit. My coworkers used the same brand of boot at work so I think its just me.

How do you get rid of sweat stains on your clothes? Any suggestions? #12 Join Date Sep 2010 Location New York Posts 617 Post Likes Likes (Given) 0 Likes (Received) 0 Dislikes (Given) 0 Dislikes (Received) 0 Originally Posted by Jackalope Originally Posted by If you are not comfortable with doing it yourself then go buy some cool spray from the store for getting sweaty hands clean when you’re cooking or helping someone else cook…. Its called Zest-Away… Its an aerosol can.. The name escapes me right now… It works great!! #13 Join Date Aug 2006 Location Texas Posts 4,251 Post Likes Likes (Given) 1 Likes (Received)(Received) 2 Dislikes (Given)(Received) 0 Just wash your clothes in hot water with dish soap … leave them soaking awhile and soak again .. maybe use dawn liquid detergent … rinse all over … let dry overnight still open . Wear your new shirt tomorrow !! #14 Join Date Dec 2009 Location West Virginia Posts 189 Post Likes Likes (Given) 0 Likes (Received) 2 Dislikes (Given) 0 Dislikes

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