How To Stop Feet Sweating In Heels?

I don’t understand how one can use heels without sweating. If you are talking about shoes, not sandals or flip-flops, then I have to ask, “How good are your feet?” While the choice is yours as to what’s comfortable for either of us (and that’s great!), if you’re serious about getting sweaty toes in heels…you will. But here are some ways to help your feet stay cool and dry: 1) Wear thicker socks–not only do they feel better but also wick away moisture much more efficiently than thinner ones. 2) Look at your footwear before wearing them–make sure all seams on the inner sole run parallel to each other so that air can flow easily between them. 3) Stick with simple designs like loafers or slide sandals rather than anything too spiky or high heeled; these models actually encourage air to circulate underfoot which helps keep you cooler! 4) Wear closed toe shoes whenever possible instead of open toe styles such as wedges or stilettos to further restrict movement of air through the shoe 5) Try a powder-free pedicure using an exfoliating scrub followed by a coat of polish 6) Finish up with some nail art/paintings! 7a ) Be aware that certain types of fabrics like ties & cuffs around shirts could be causing perspiration 8b ) Don’t wear cotton next time (or really any time!) 9c ) Wash bras regularly 10d ) Start

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