How To Stop Feet From Sweating?

What is the best way to stop feet from sweating? Is there any special herbal remedy for this? I wish to try something natural. There are no medical facilities available in my village.

Answer: You can buy herbs online or at a local store, depending on where you live. It may be helpful for your question if you know what type of sweat rash you have — neurodermatitis versus intertrigo (among others). They are both inflammatory skin disorders caused by irritant contact with bacteria and fungi living on our bodies that causes itching, scaling, redness and sometimes blistering that is worse when we wear tight clothing or socks/sandals/shoes that rub against our skin during activity. The most common anti-inflammatory medications used today are topical creams/lotions containing one of several agents including calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream or ointment, betamethasone dipropionate also known as Hydeltra-10c Cream , clobetasol propionate spray , erythromycin ophthalmic ointment , phenylbenzimidazole sulfathiazole (PBZ) eye drops . These products should not be applied until blisters form because they will not prevent blisters but actually make them worse! If these do not work well after 2 weeks of daily use then your doctor may prescribe an oral medication such as Azulfidine (e.g., Azulip

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