How To Stop Feet From Sweating And Smelling?

If you want to know how to stop feet from sweating and smelling, then we have the answer. We will start by explaining what causes sweaty feet and smell of your feet. This is caused by bacteria that lives on your skin and in between your toes. The sweat contains these chemicals which get released when you get warm under any circumstances such as taking a long walk or stepping out of a very hot shower after bathing wearing tight shoes etc…

Every person has different sweat glands but everyone tends to produce only one type of sweat: the odoriferous kind. There are two types of sweat glands: apocrine (or sebaceous) glands that help with body odor, and eccrine (or cold) ones that do not create an odor at all! So if no other reason, don’t worry about having smelly feet because it is much more likely due to bacterial buildup in between your toes rather than actual bad odors coming from within them! For this reasons, foot meds are used for treating stinky armpits too but they won’t work for making the same happen on feet! By using foot meds properly you can make sure that bacteria does not grow in between your toes again ever again without causing problems later down the road into adulthood unless there is some underlying medical condition present which would need treatment by a doctor first before doing anything else! Otherwise just use these home remedies below instead!!

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