How To Stop Facial Sweating?

Can you stop facial sweating? Yes, if the cause is identified and treated. About 30% of people with hyperhidrosis sweat more than their body produces perspiration; therefore, they produce too much sweat on the face (or hands or feet), resulting in excessive amounts of facial sweat secretion. The most common causes of excessive facial sweating include: Psychological factors such as stress

Medical conditions that result in excessive levels of nervous system hormones

Hormonal changes produced by pregnancy — which can be passed on to your baby during delivery — and menopause

Alcohol consumption and drugs like cocaine and amphetamines that also stimulate nerves and increase blood circulation within the skin tissue

Constant exposure to heat from hot weather or high temperatures, such as those experienced outdoors in warm climates

Types of Facial Sweating Treatment Options There are several options for treating hyperhidrosis. These include: Surgery may be effective but only after determining what type(s) of sweating disorder you have. If surgery is performed correctly, it will eliminate the problem permanently. However, there is a risk involved with any surgical procedure — including minor complications following surgery itself — so we must carefully weigh this option against your risks versus benefits before proceeding further with surgical treatment plans for hyperhidrosis treatment advice , or read our post about finding a physician who specializes in treating hyperhidrosis . In some cases medications used alone may be sufficient to control excess facial perspiration while an office-based patient management program helps

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