How To Stop Excessive Sweating Under Armpits?

Are you looking for the way to stop excessive sweating under armpits? You can get rid of these sweat stains using a deodorant. Wearing deodorants that contain antiperspirants is your choice and it will help you in preventing this problem from perspiring more than normal. [Read: Causes of Excessive Sweating on Shoulders]

The only thing you have to do is apply some natural ingredients or essential oil directly onto your armpit region, let it dry for about five minutes then take off the shirt again after 10-15 minute. This should really work! However, if nothing works out, try taking bath with warm water every morning followed by application of lavender oil or lemon extract underneath your arms twice daily until sweating stops completely. Don’t forget not to use peppermint extract because sometimes it causes skin irritation instead of helping inhibit body odor.[Read: 5 Natural Ingredients To Prevent Body Odor]

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