How To Stop Excessive Sweating Head?

I have a bad case of excessive sweating on my scalp. When I am pounding the pavement or riding in an open convertible, people are constantly asking if I have just come out of the shower. The problem is that it does not happen all at once – but builds up over time and gets worse over time. I don’t know why this happens to me, although there has been some anecdotal evidence that said because I live in South Florida, which is considered very humid and hot (read: sweaty), it may be contributing to the problem; however, we do not run into much humidity here. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Q: How can you tell if your hair is falling out? If you take a look at your hair as part of regular inspection ,you should see more noticeable changes as your body throws off excess DHT (the hormone responsible for balding). As such — these changes could be permanent or temporary depending on what’s going on with your hormones!

If you see clumps and strands hanging from each follicle, then yes — it means that something isn’t working right inside and outside of those follicles . Basically what you’re saying is “I’m losing weight too quick” without realizing how important diet/exercise was to making that loss happen . It also could mean that stress levels are high enough to trigger thyroid issues which would cause these types of symptoms…stress will make any woman gain weight quicker than she needs so check her blood pressure level regularly

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