How To Stop Excessive Sweating From Armpits?

I sweat like crazy. I’ve tried many different things to help, but nothing works for me. Can you please share with me what you use? Thank you!

Answer: Sweat is one of the most important ways that the body cools itself down during exercise or rest. Excessive sweating can be a sign of an underlying health issue, so it may be wise to see your doctor for cause and remedy evaluation if excessive sweating persists after trying these remedies—or consult another medical professional who specializes in alternative medicine/holistic treatments (see Resources section).

58. How long should I wait before showering after working out?

Answer: Sweating occurs as part of normal muscle activity after physical activity; therefore, there are no rules regarding when athletes should take a shower following exercise because they’re “dirty” or not clean enough even though their skin is covered with perspiration from exertion and heat loss during physical activities. The key is whether or not athletes feel comfortable taking a shower immediately post-exercise. It also depends on how much time has elapsed since they began exercising—for example, if they work out at noon and take their last break at 8 p.m., then athletes would likely want to take showers shortly thereafter only if the workout lasted longer than eight hours—even though their bodies are still “sweating hot” from exertion just by being outside without protection from the sun’s rays due

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