How To Stop Excessive Sweating At Night?

The first thing to do is try a natural diuretic. These have been used for thousands of years and are relatively safe, with no reported side effects even in high doses. They work by promoting the removal of water from your body rather than regulating its production. The following herbs can be helpful:

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Dandelion root has long been used as a mild diuretic because it helps remove excess fluids through urination, thereby reducing swelling and bloating due to excessive fluid retention. It also promotes the formation of healthy urine so that toxins get eliminated before they get reabsorbed into your system. Dandelion is an excellent herb for people during pregnancy who feel bloated or swollen all over; it will help relieve their discomfort while providing them with additional energy at the same time! People who suffer from water retention should eat dandelions daily—they’ll find relief almost immediately! You can use fresh roots in raw salads, add them to cereals like oatmeal, juice drinks (and smoothies!), or brew them into tea (see recipe on page 269). Do not take any internal medication while taking this herb; you may experience loose stools if you drink too much dandelion tea! Also avoid using other herbal remedies containing dandelion root during this period because there could be interactions between these medications and other herbs such as chamomile, red clover, goldenseal, etc., which

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