How To Stop Excessive Sweating All Over Body?

My skin is always very itchy and dry. I am also very prone to sweating, which causes me to itch all over my body (my chest, back, arms). What can I do to stop this?

Dr Wilson: If you have a chronically low level of hydration then your body will continually try to restore that fluid balance by producing more water from the sweat glands on your skin. This process leadsogleads into excessive perspiration. You need a balanced diet rich in vitamins C and E as these are known antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects so they reduce itching and assist in relieving symptoms of hyperhidrosis such as those listed above. In addition some foods may increase the production of the enzyme arginase which breaks down nitric oxide thus preventing excessive sweating via vasodilation/relaxation of smooth muscle cells around blood vessels especially those supplying areas affected by hyperhidrosis – for example under arm etc. – but this varies from person to person depending on their genetic make up or medication history e.g., anticoagulants like warfarin or oral contraceptives used for birth control if using hormonal therapy for menopausal complaints etc…. Some people find taking vitamin B6 supplements helpful too!

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