How To Stop Excessive Groin Sweating?

Excessive groin sweating can be treated with antiperspirants.

B. The third category of causes is the more serious conditions, such as skin cancer or certain infections that result in excessive sweating itself. This condition is called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and it occurs when the sweat glands are damaged by infection or exposure to chemicals or radiation. Another cause is a tumor of the sweat gland, which may occur before puberty and almost never after age thirty-five years old. It usually involves either one side of the body but occasionally both sides at once; if only one side occurs it may be associated with other signs and symptoms such as raised red spots on the skin (petechiae), enlarged lymph nodes in front of an arm pit, swelling near an armpit, bulging veins around an ankle, sudden weight loss without vomiting or diarrhea, fever accompanied by chills or night sweats with no elevation in temperature for three days followed by high fevers lasting seven to ten days without any known cause except dehydration due to poor nutrition during this time frame before death occurs within twenty-eight days after onset of these symptoms. Sometimes there will be pain in deep tissue along two different lines running vertically down below each elbow suggesting metastatic spread from bone marrow tumors (mesothelioma). Rarely there may be frequent episodes where large amounts of watery oozing urine appears over several hours per day for up to six months then stops spontaneously later following remission periods ranging from months to

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